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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Rothschilds are MAJOR Zionists, as Elders of Zion/Order of Zion.
For the last 2 centuries, Rothschilds strictly marry cousins.
Rothschilds MAJOR bavarian Illuminati, & Carbonarism (Alta Vendita) led by Karl Rothschild.

16 of 18 marriages of Mayer Amschel Rothschilds' grandchildren are contracted to 1st cousins.

The Rothschild, through Israeli-British government proxies, created the steps to create Israel.

The Rothschilds adopted the hexagram/Seal of Solomon (Israeli flag) as their coat of arms. Mayer Amschel Bauer became M.A. Rothschild (Rothschild = red shield [German] = red seal of solomon).

14,000 wars in 5,500 years of 'recorded' history with 10 yrs of REAL, ACTUAL PEACE.

The Rothschilds built the Knesset in Israel

The Rothschilds 'contributed' to the Treaty imposed on Germany to end WWI; they 'contributed' to themselves the German-owned railway system...IN PALESTINE!!!
King David rejected the hexagram, but his son Solomon didn't, whom worshipped Ashtoreth (AKA: star, astarte, chiun, kaiwan, remphan & SATURN).

City of Rome originally called Saturnia (City of Saturn).
Saturn important to Mithra & DRUID 'religion'.

Kuhn, Loeb Co., ran by Rothschilds, funded Mormons.

Rothschilds OWN the Catholic 'church'.

H-core Satanic spin-offs : Sabbatain/Frankism ---> Sabbatai Zevi, Nathan of Gaza, Jacob Frank, Rothschilds.

Victor Rothschild ---> MI-5 (Israeli-Britain Intel.) ---> ORIGINAL member of Rhodes' Round Table Group ---> Rothschilds funded Rhodes.

Rockefellars (Rothschild agents) are Merrano Jews.

Jews + Masons + Intel. agencies + international banking (userers) + Order of Zion + Catholics + Trilateral Commission + CFR + 'New Age' + cults = ROTHSCHILDS

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