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Default The Mason's are finished

The Mason's are finished

This is part 2 of "Proof that Satan is Cain's Father". Lucifer is also known as the "Green Man". I told you about Mans Field (+ the curse of 39) and how satan is known by many names. He is also the Green Man or any word or name with Field, Man, Green. This is also occultic/masonic code. Let me teach you, start with Fleetwood Mac's Peter GREEN who had a hit with "GREEN MANalishi (with the Two-Prong Crown), i.e. the Devil with Horns. Even the masons are controlled by fear.

Do you want to find satan? You should research the occultic Findhorn in Scotland (Find Horn). Find = 33 and Horn = 55. It's at the top of the B9011 road (911, interesting eh?). The letter "B" means Baal to satan's followers. Beware of their disinformation, bad is always dressed as good, just like the free? masons. I will teach you what God shows me. I have taken 55 years of persecution for me to let you know about imminent change, you have a choice to make. Do not be controlled by fear or the little Milli-MAN behind the curtains. Most masons know NOTHING about free? masonry (fact).

I met Tony DangerFIELD in London (he had a minor hit in the 60's). He was over friendly and I didn't know about puppet masons then. Tony had two DoberMAN (GerMAN breed) dogs. He was friends with Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple and Rainbow) and took me to see Rainbow perform (free entry) at HammerSMITH, London. We had a beer in Richie's dressing room. Tony also took me several times to see his other semi famous musician friend called "GREENIE". I knew Tony for almost 30 years. Tony (deceased) lived at 39 Victoria Rd in Hendon. My masonic pretend friend Mr Samworth bought the (39) property. I let Tony know that I knew he was a mason just before he died. All I did was genuinely trust him, the same as every person I ever met. The GREEN MAN at the pagan Beltane Festival. How about the Burning MAN Festival or the pagan Wicker MAN. My pretend friend mason sold me an Opel MANta car and was pissed off when I soon got rid of it. GentleMAN's clubs are 100% freemasonry. About 15 years ago I had a market stall buying-selling records and CDs. I called myself the Music Man (Fool Joe), I realise I must have confused the puppets as I didn't know about the occultic side of life.

MANhattan, (twin towers ritual sacrifice), New York = 111. The masons love GerMAN shepherd dogs. Also the Isle of MAN (UK) is so loved by the satanic masons. MAN United (aka Red Devils). Six is the number of MAN and the masons moved our family to 6 Hopehill Road. I knew a mason perp who kept standing at the dinner table and saying "I'm the MAN" and all the other puppets saying "You're the MAN". They knew what it meant (I didn't) and all I did was trust this deranged MAN. Anyway, you should learn about who to trust, remember masons and cults are all deny and lie, deny and lie and gaslighting (sowing seeds/lies/rumours). All puppet masons are programmed, professional, prolific liars (fact).

I have a relative who lives at Holemanhunt House in FIELD road for the last 20 odd years (whole MAN hunt). I told you in CM part 13 about mason bRUce RUtherFORd, he said his family came from GREENFIELD in Glasgow (liar). I have been harassed by masons from GREENHILLS, East Kilbride. Read about the occultic actress Jayne MANSFIELD. The masons gave me a job behind the bar at the DeerFIELDs working mens club (aka masonic lodge) in Hendon. I previously told you about MosesFIELD. My local Doctors is AshFIELD. I lived in CloberFIELD for 10 years. My best mate? M.Hall got a flat (masonic set up) at 92 (=11) SunningFIELDs Road in Hendon. Me and my partner (wife to be) shared the flat, he turned out to be a puppet mason. I previously told you about the occultic WhistleFIELD Inn (Pub) by DUNoon. I used to play pool in London and our Pub team (Midland Arms in Church Road, Hendon) were pretty good. We got to the finals that were held up North in HuddersFIELD? After our SF(UK) meeting in Bristol, pretend victim J.Lowe took me (masonic set up) to her daughter and partners house in ShefFIELD to stay overnight. The masons gave me a job as an apprentice train driver and I was based at EastFIELD depot in the AshFIELD area of Glasgow. My son is autistic and we had lots of harassment from masonic run RenFIELD Services. Lots more later. No malice intended to anyone, how else do I get this bigger picture across to you? Satan's son Cain slew Able in the FIELD.

Can you see how the satanic criminal elite have been persecuting me? the puppet masons know nothing except to perform. Perhaps this might give you a clue and proof that they have always known who I am. When I was 7 or 8 years old (1962), we lived in Castlemilk, Glasgow. Myself with my brothers and sister were on the Cathkin Braes (local park) with our hand painted hard boiled eggs. We came from poverty. It was Easter time and we rolled them down the hill until they broke and then we would eat them. A large Yellow noisy RAF Helicopter (Wessex) appeared and hovered low above our heads. I was fascinated and mesmerised. I said to my family that I was really interested in aircraft and they all burst out laughing and ran down the hill singing a song about how I was interested in aeroplanes. I was on my own and this big thing was hovering there for another half hour. It was a rare sight and must have been seen by thousands. There was no local news of why it was there and it didn't seem to have a purpose. I was close to Queen Mary's Well and this was Easter time when Jesus was crucified. I have told you how the occultic elite use English Gematria (EG) in their curses. Helicopter = 111 (and 111 means 11 whichever way you look at it). No 11 is the occult's number of death and destruction. You can't trust their media and if they try to discredit this true story, I will give you a thousand more. I was too young to understand. I have always known since I was about 5 years old that I was different and could see life differently. Everyone who has known me will verify this.

I don't want to mislead you, I have a story that will change the world. You are not even on the first page. Make sure you are not being conned by satan's temptation and tricks. "Burn" = 55 and "Satan" = 55 = 111 (smile). Follow the road to Jesus and walk with God, makes me feel good. Some people refuse to listen, they can read what the Bible says about their fate. This is for those who have ears. I have told ye not to celebrate Santa (satan), why do you think the satanic criminal elite put a Christmas tree up at Number 11 Downing Street? and Number 10 = Ten = 39. I have kicked over the money-lenders table (the last 6 years), now it's your turn, do it legally, peacefully and consistently 24/7. Tens of thousands of masons have recently left and more are leaving every day (fact). Secure your future and join/support the good guys. Tick, tock, tick.

The occultic elite planned 911. They will not let me upload anything from my hijacked Applemac account or Youtube account.Try to locate a black and white Picture/Print called QE11 by George Forss. It was made in 1986 and shows the QE11 (11) sailing in front of the twin towers. The light from the Sun or Moon illuminates the twin towers (11) and a smaller building in the background is in the shape of a 9. The three buildings lit up looks like 119 and is totally un-natural as a couple of the buildings are completely dark. The light reflection has been doctored as all of the buildings should be illuminated equally. The EG for QE11 is Q=17 and E=5 =22 +11=33. The picture is called QE11 by George Forss 2289 by Galaxy Productions London. English Gematria/Geometry is everything to these deranged sociopaths. They plan everything way in advance and deliberately named places long before they became known, i.e. Findhorn. There is much more, later.

My whole existence is a parable with the Bible. Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 14 (13/11/10). Update to earlier CM post about Waddell Street is a mistake, it should be Wad = 28 = MAN. Update to CM part 12. the Bohemian Grove Jesus crucifixion date should read 22/7/10 = 39. Read the earlier CM posts to find God's true light or learn masonic code. If you are unsure about Jehovah/Yahweh go to The Sensible Church There are no accidents, if you have crossed my path it was meant to be. All God ever wanted was for his second family to be equal, faithful and free. I feel obliged to remind you, this is not about me. Please remain focused, SF want to free trapped masons as well as to educate all. The occultic criminal elite do NOT care about you. Love, peace and FR33DOM to all. J.S.Christie (JS=119 + Christie=91(19)..... (cool, eh?)

Finally, can you recommend a good (or Christian) non-brotherhood Dentist and a Doctor (GP) in North West Glasgow as I am sick of the Masonic Theatre/skits that they set up on every appointment (all documented and safe). Here are my contact details, Joe Stirling Christie, 93 Ashburn Road, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 7PQ. My home number is 0141 560 0079 (leave message due to regular puppet mason's harassment, I will call you back) or my mobile 07799 612 227 (= 9/11) or email I am in excellent health but I know the masons are desperately waiting as they do to all of their victims. However, I could do with a dentist. Or if you need help or advice, SF will do our best to support you.

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