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Default Re: And did those feet in ancient times?

You're damn right it's a very Gnostic belief.

The Gnostics were early followers of "The Way" (Christ) who believed that followers of The One God should not merely revere Christ, but strive to emulate him, in every thought, word and deed. They sought to describe this emulation in philosophical terms, as a method of practice. As the early Roman church formulated its canons, the Gnostics were eventually considered willful heretics, opposed to turning their lives over to God as a matter of faith. To become a true believer, the early church leaders claimed, one had to forego understanding and analysis and be content to live life through divine revelation, adhering to God's Will moment by moment. The churchmen did this in order to sustain their control over the people. They wished to keep His True Teachings and overall plan from the public, so people would be deceived into thinking that they had to go to the churchmen to find God, rather than learning to look within and find the Divine within themselves as Christ's Message to the world had been.

You're also right on the money that is a very Masonic view too - although not of many junior brethren. Or of Scottish rite Freemasonry. In fact, ritaul does very well to demonstrate much of this fact by veiling it in allegory.
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