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Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
U can not assume that everyone reads about u. i am new here..

I do not assume that everyone reads about me, but I assume that if someone posts on this thread, they've read some of it and that it is apparent to them that a certain name is mentioned over and over and over again.

I found this in a posting. We must never ASSUME !!

I have no clue what you refer to that you found in a posting.

Kindly speak for yourself as far as "WE must never ASSUME."

I'll assume if I so desire.

Now u have dileted for what ??? my threads. for you assuming...and being over what ???.. i did not mention something i knew nothing about...

Your posts have been reinstated even though you have mentioned much about that which you know nothing about such as the following.

JBoy said:

Yes, they are far less credible then a women who thinks the C.I.A abducted her and (as far I gather) had Springsteen brainwash her. Oh, and said woman claims to have MPD as well. Let's see:

Yes. They are far less credible than me and so, too, are you.

If you are referring to me as the woman who thinks the CIA abducted her, you have it all wrong, pal.

I have never claimed to have been abducted by the CIA.

I have said that I was experimented on by the US government; was incarcerated in a CIA mind control program and used in the music industry as a sex slave and in CIA/Mafia pornography to name a few of the atrocities inflicted upon me when I was a child.

This isn't something I claim.

It is a fact.

I have never claimed that Springsteen brainwashed me or that I have MPD.

1) Bruce Springsteen messed with your head, hmm..sounds rational to me

Doesn't matter if it sounds rational to you or not.

2) The C.I.A, with all their involved in, just HAD to abduct you and do ghoulish things to you. I suppose that must make you feel pretty special. After all, I can honestly say I have never been abducted by Greys or had the C.I.A abduct me in their super secret "Black Helicopters" everyone knows about.

As I said, the CIA didn't abduct me and I'm not going to explain it to you again. And, no, being used in CIA/Mafia pornography; experimented on; traumatized; electroshocked; tortured; doesn't make me feel special at all. How special do you think you'd feel if you were raped?

With all the research you say you do, I suggest you do some research into mind control programs/sex slaves, mafia/CIA pornography/human experimentation conducted on US citizen's at home and abroad all funded by the "rogue" CIA which controls the US government; in prisons; institutions; military bases, etc., as admitted to by William Jefferson Clinton and his wife, Hilary Clinton.

After you do so, I might then be willing to converse with you because I certainly never said, as you believe, that with all the illegal SHIT the CIA is involved with they just had to abduct me and do what you refer to as ghoulish things, but in actuality WERE HORRENDOUS things. And, just so you know, since you are apparently clueless, I am only one of many.

P.S. I never said I was abducted by Grey's or super secret black helicopters.
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