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Default Re: RhoGam had mercury confirms Dr. Mark Geier


"According to this Biography page Dr. Mark R. Geier is a major doctor and not some small fry and so he sounds to be highly credible and that his research proves that it is a fact that Rhogam shots have mercury and is being injected into Fetuses that require the Rhogam shot because of the difference in blood types."

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Dr. Mark Geier's research proves that it is a FACT that RHOGAM shots are being injected into fetuses?

Please provide evidence to support this claim.

You have not provided any images of anything; specifically any images that prove your mother received the RHOGAM shot a month before you were born.


"Also a picture of Brian D. Hill's (I) birth certificate is below proving that my birth date May 26 1990 which means that as a fetus inside my mothers womb I was given mercury from the shot 1 month before I was born:"

You have not provided a picture of your birth certificate, and, even if you did, it would not prove that as a fetus inside your mother's womb you were given the RHOGAM shot.

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