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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Lucifer isn't the God of Freemasons at all, Lucifer wasn't even Albert Pike's god, although for the scapegoat merchants tend who to skim read Morals and Dogma jump to a completely erroneous conclusion that it was.

Also Answer me this MT - How can the Son of Dagon? Lord of Darkness be Lucifer the light bringer? A misnomer surely.

Maybe it's a perversion of the fact that Venus was the bringer of light and also symbol of the divine feminie. Which the higher degrees do have reverence for.

The Divine Feminie? The Virgin Mary? Mary Magdalene? Mother Earth?

The 33rd Degree exists in Scottish Rite Freemasonry which I am not.

York Rite is as follows:

1st Degree = EA Freemason
2nd Degree = FC "
3rd Degree = M "
Mark Master
Past Master
Most Excellent Master
Royal Arch Mason
Royal Master
Select Master
Superior Master
Order of The Red Cross
Order of the Knights of Malta
Order of the Knights Templar

I do really intend to write at length about the damage done by Albert Pike and his cohorts in their interpretation of Scottish Rite, which has essentially rendered the ritual nonsensical gibberish.
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