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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Please post the cures that science and medicine refuse to acknowledge.
Thanks for the "welcome back" Angel, you truly are an angel. Here is a list of diseases that can be cured, medicine may cure a couple of them but they refuse to cure at least 90% of them.

Medical Diseases & Conditions A-Z List 'A' on MedicineNet

Sign the petition and the whole world will have the knowledge and information to cure every disease on this list. 10 to 1 you haven't read the petition. 10 to 1 you will be a person who will not sign it. 10 to 1 you will make up flimsy reasons for not signing making you completely transparent to all who view this discussion or in your case debate.

I suggest you take it slow BA. Once you put your foot in your mouth and bad mouth the petition you will loose credibility because those reading this will be saying to them selves, "BlueAngel, why don't you just sign the petition if you think it is a joke and if you think David it a scam and a fraud because surely OUR greatest scientific minds and greatest governmental powers can expose him as such." And when you continue to refuse to sign, they will have no choice but to assume you know my claims are true and would be threatened by cures that cannot be patented.

Now your only course of action to protect your patentable medical industry is to ban me and delete this topic because you are cornered.

If you want scientific proof, sign the petition, if you wanted scientific corroboration, sign the petition, if you want to know EXACTLY how the human immune system can cure asthma, AIDS, psoriasis, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, cancer in the exact same manner it heals a bone, cut, scrape, cold, flu, sinus infection, chicken pox, poison ivy, pink eye, stomach ache, headache, respiratory infection, bladder infection, vaginal infection, staph infections and so many other ailments the immune system cures without medicine you will have to sign the petition.

I can guarantee a constant consistent cure but it will take some honest scientist to develop the explanation of how the human immune system works when it is curing cancer without any modern technological products at all. That is, if there are any honest scientist, better sign the petition. I plan on having the research recorded and made public because the fact is, health and healing is a SECRET now when it should be completely public.

What a screwed up world we have allowed. We have given up our own responsibilities to so called "professionals" who plot and scam behind closed doors and use us like guinea pigs for their own profit and gain.

Some how we have decided that our immune system is not an answer to anything and that the only hope is a patentable pill. What a screwed up world we have allowed. We have allowed science and medicine to COMPLETELY disregard all research and study of immunity through the immune system in favor of us being diseases so the medical industry can load us up with patented drugs for the rest of our lives for a fee, while asking and receiving zillions of dollars in FREE donations so they can develop the next latest and greatest patentable drug for treating Alzheimer but doesn't cure it.

Oh, what a screwed up world we have allowed. Here is a perfect opportunity to take charge of your immune system and immunity. Sign the petition before it is banned by BlueAngel or anyone else against the truth and against cures that cannot be patented.

[/IMG]Will medicine and science use a cure that can't be patented? Not w/o your help. - Sign the Petition |
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