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Default Re: RhoGam had mercury confirms Dr. Mark Geier

Originally Posted by uswgo View Post
dude did you even goto the source url at before accusing me of nothing?

goto the url before accusing me of having no proof? please!

I asked the questions I did of you because your URL didn't support that which you claimed in your posts.

FYI, ANY MEMBER of CC who asks any questions regarding anything you or anyone else posts on this forum doesn't suggest that they are accusing you of anything or nothing.

If you're going to post information on this forum, please be informed that questions in response to your posts will be forthcoming and, if you can't answer them in your own words without directing members to a URL that doesn't supply the answers, then don't post on this forum.

I will see to that.

Do you care to answer the following questions I have posed or would you prefer to attempt to detract your inability to answer the questions I have posed by accusing me of accusing you of nothing and directing me to another source which doesn't supply any answers to my questions?

You are the source.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to answer the questions that I have posed without directing me to another site and/or source which doesn't supply the answers to my questions.

If you can't answer my questions, don't post on this forum.

Are we clear?

From the horse's mouth comes to mind.

================================================== =========================

You said:

Dr. Mark Geier's research proves that it is a FACT that RHOGAM shots are being injected into fetuses?

Please provide evidence to support this claim.

You have not provided any images of anything; specifically any images that prove your mother received the RHOGAM shot a month before you were born.


"Also a picture of Brian D. Hill's (I) birth certificate is below proving that my birth date May 26 1990 which means that as a fetus inside my mothers womb I was given mercury from the shot 1 month before I was born:"

You have not provided a picture of your birth certificate, and, even if you did, it would not prove that as a fetus inside your mother's womb you were given the RHOGAM shot one month before you were born.

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