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Default Re: And did those feet in ancient times?

nakedsnake wrote:
The Dead Sea scrolls repeat teachings that were discreted in the first century
Discredited by the Vatican - Ummmm - Ok yeah right, well, that's shut me up hasn't it?

A tenner says that you're a left footer. And to be honest I don't hold that against you, but you are as green as your cabbage looking if you believe a word of what your church tells you.

Gnostic fraud? why is it only becoming apparent now after the age of Pisces (religion) as we go into the age of Aquarius (brotherhood).

Your churches reign is coming to an end my friend, Astrape Eklepsis marked this, and your lies will be revealed as we approach the end of days.

A Gnostic fraud disproven in 1st century A.D.? what would be the mileage in that? unless the Vatican wanted to censor the truth?

It's you and your ilk that has lied to the world, then pointed to the guardians of the truth and light to blame them.

It's you and your ilk that has slaughtered millions, it's you and your ilk that is greedy, it's you and your ilk that has wiped out entire races and beliefs in search of more gold.

Vatican ownership of the General Immobiliare has meant that the disinformation regarding the true 'Secret Rulers of the World' has been veiled and masked. Well no more.
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