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Default Re: Erectile Dysfuntion

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Mind control is being targeted at you over and over again via their most effective "method" of social engineering and programming.


Repetition is key.

Suggestion is key especially when much of our populace has been placed in a suggestive state of mind.

Say it over and over and over again via THE drug company's advertisements for prescriptions to aid in this dysfunction.

Their way to make money on the DRUGS they sell for conditions they create through "mind control" and acts of terrorism such as 911, JKF which caused PTSD, anxiety and fear.

Convincing you through repetition, suggestion that eventually becomes subconsciously embedded in your brain until it is reality so that you NEED their DRUGS.

Dependent on the LEGAL drug dealers.

Got restless leg syndrome, too?

Exposure of the masses to repetition via television is their major conduit for programming society.
Yuppers! Americans are easily brainwased by the news. All you have to do is get on CNN, or something and keep telling the public, "9/11 was done by terrorist! BIN LADENs fault! Planes crashed into a building, done by terroists! Believe us, we have a camera! "

So, um... what's this about erectile disfuction? o_O
Pandas always understand!!
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