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Default Re: The Movie

Mary and I could do ‘The London Connection’ when she comes to over this summer. We could embark on action packed visits to elitist buildings, we’d have to do some research and choose our targets carefully as we would like to get some sort of verbal response and not be thrown out by security!

We would need to go for the Charlies Angles or rather, Henrys Angels image to add some glamour to this male dominated cause. We could carry Henrys Angels gadgets like walkie-talkies (in the unfortunate case of separation communications must continue), handbags to disguise our mini video cameras and large sunglasses. Hitting a few obstacles on the way for that element of suspense, dramatic dashes across the street, hailing taxis and saying “Follow that car!” As it’s a musical comedy Mary will burst into song every ten minutes and I’ll join in on the chorus (I’d supply the comedy by going out of tune), we also need a mini love affair in our movie so one of us could be chatted up by one of our elite targets, being talented secret agents we would never fall for such emotional blackmail and be professional at all times. Logging on and submitting our report to Henry would complete our mission.

:-D :-D
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