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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Originally Posted by RipvanWinkel View Post
Well like I said she was my employer for 4 years. She started and funded the EFFET project. I know during that period I was going through some really bad health and financial issues and she took care of everything, even paid the school monies for my kids to stay at school.
That lady has really got a good heart.
She always spoke to her employees on a human and down to earth manner, not like some employers that that thinks they are better than you.
I have a great deal of respect and trust for Judy Faltskog.
I know that without a doubt that these crazies from ATS is talking only lies about Judy, and I dont know what their reason is for doing so, all I know is that they are really doing her wrong. She is innocent. I can vouch for that with my life.
You worked for Judy for four years?

In what capacity?

Judy took care of your really bad health and financial issues and paid for this out of her own pocket?

What were your really bad health issues?

What is the name of the JUDY company in which she employed you and others?

What was your job description?
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