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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Heh, Nakedsnake... you keep records on these things? LOL... you think that there are any secrets left in Masonry?

People who believe in these silly conspiracy theories are people with mental issues... people who need someone to blame for their failures in life... someone who they can point at and claim they're holding them back. People who join Masonry just to learn "secrets" (there are none... you can find them all online or in books... yes, really) of for getting ahead in life or to become a part of "illuminati" are almost always disappointed, bored, and leave Masonry quickly. I bet most of you here who actually believe that Mason's are conspiring when they meet once or twice a every month would be in for a huge disappointment if you attended a lodge meeting. A lot of Masons are just waiting for the feast which follows the lodge work.

Go and read obligations that ME gives when he's installed. He explicitly swears that he will not conspire against government or anyone else. Same goes for higher, district, offices. Oh, but I'm sure you will all claim how there are higher, hidden, levels of Masonry. That's a complete nonsense. I guess you can believe what you want and if you need a boogeyman in your life, someone you can always come to and blame when you falter and fail at your task, freemasonry will provide you with enough mysticism as a possible "evil force" that's taking over the world. This is all fiction and the fact is that Masonry is getting old and average age of a Mason is over 50 and these people have goals in life which are in opposition to world domination. Also, if you really understand the work then you understand that money and worldly riches are quite irrelevant in life and that life is very short and that you should do something good and leave a mark in your community by helping your community and those in need.
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