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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

BlueAngel, I would like to add some more facts here quickly:

No matter what these crazies from ATS has to say or what they believe, it is NOT going to change my life, Judy Faltskog´s Life or the TRUTH about anything.

They can talk lies and slander about Judy Faltskog till the cows come home in 20 years, its NOT going to change the TRUTH about anything.

No matter what I or anyone else says in defence of Judy Faltskog, these ATS crazies are never satisfied.

But then again I do NOT need to justify, neither am I forced to, neither am I willing to Justify my existence, my daily life, my family, my work, my beliefs or anything else to those ATS Crazies, neither does Judy Faltskog or anyone else who actually personally knows Judy Faltskog and her family.

These ATS crazies mean NOTHING to me or to Judy Faltskog or anyone else who knows Judy Faltskog and her family personally, neither do our lives, family, work, happiness or our existence depend on what these ATS crazies think, believe or say about any of us.

These ATS crazies HAVE NEVER BEEN, ARE NOT and WILL NEVER BE a part of our Lives, our Past, Present or our Future. We have our Families, Friends, Jobs, Houses, cars, cats and dogs and we dont need or want for anything at all, so these ATS crazies have NO importance to any of us whatsoever EVER!

My life is going on as usual, as it has always been, and so does the life of Judy Faltskog and her family and those who know her personally.

Nothing has changed one Iota in our lives, even with all the stomach runs of slander and lies from these ATS crazies, it has changed NOTHING in our lives and it never will. We continue to be happy and living life to the Fullest as we always have.

These ATS crazies are attention seekers and bullshitters (say it as it is) and NOT WORTH any further discussion.

Regards from Finland BlueAngel!

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