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Default Re: Why do they continue to TRY and brainwash us?


Am I to consider from your post that you are of the opinion that Asange is being used as a PATSY by the US government as a distraction from our current economic crisis?

If so, this would imply that he is being controlled.

So, your point would be that Asange is being used as a PATSY to distract the US citizen's from the current economic crisis and that, as a part of this process, he is now being sought after as the number one most wanted man in the world for sexual harrassment charges and he could, quite possibly, face imprisonment and, all of this was orchestrated by the PTB in order to distract the people from the current economic crisis facing the US.

Sorry, but I don't think there is much that can distract the US citizen's from our current economic crisis of which OBAMA is doing nothing.

So, if the government of the US or any other corrupt entity used Asange as a PATSY for purposes of distraction, they failed.[/quote]

I would suggest they didn't fail. Look what we are, and the majority of thre world/internet has been talking about all week? You and I have both fallen victim to this brainwashing scheme, too.
It also didn't occur to you that those 'sexual harrassment' charges are just trumped up, in an attempt to make him look even more evil?
Learn the TRUTH!

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