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Default Re: Why do they continue to TRY and brainwash us?

moondoggy2 said"

"I would suggest they didn't fail. Look what we are, and the majority of thre world/internet has been talking about all week? You and I have both fallen victim to this brainwashing scheme, too.
It also didn't occur to you that those 'sexual harrassment' charges are just trumped up, in an attempt to make him look even more evil?"


Speak for yourself.

I haven't fallen victim to any brainwashing scheme.

Of course, I am of the opinion that the sexual harrassment charges are not real.

Most people I know aren't talking about Asange.

They're talking about the poverty that the PTB have forced them into and our lawmakers who accuse those of us who are unemployed of not looking for work and/or being lazy.


There aren't any jobs.


Thus, the reason the unemployment numbers are so high and we can't find any work.

Doesn't take a Senator or politician or someone with a fancy college degree to know this.

To know that most of America's jobs have been outsourced; most of our manufacturing plants have been moved to other countries, etc., etc.

People are expending their investments; their 401K's; their life savings and are now facing homelessness and, what are our leaders doing to create jobs?



Therefore, if you believe that Asange is being used as a distraction, it is my contention that he is being controlled for this purpose.

THE US citizen's don't care one hoot about Asange.

They care about their DIRE circumstances which OBAMA and our leaders couldn't care any less about.

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