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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

I was responded to in a post here, but this is the first time I've actually contributed to this particular thread.
I'd say that 99.5% of the masons are good, upstanding people who promote the general welfare of their community. It's the subversives who use the cloak of the lodge to discuss things secretly, like P2, that wreck it for the rest of you guys.
As for my beliefs, I cannot take a blood oath (you can argue that it's symbolic) to a another individual. I can only be beholding to God. It's when someone's allegiances to a fraternal group take precedence over that of their public responsibilities where a problem arises. Unfortunately, it happens more than one might think.
I'll give Yeoshua and Weishaupt credit, they have volunteered more information than most people affiliated with the craft have been willing to do.
I have a very close friend who is a member of both the York Rite and Scottish Rite. He is a 32nd degree mason in the Scottish Rite. I can tell you that he is a great person who devotes much of his time in bettering other people - none of whome are masons.
He is a firm believer in Jesus the Christ.
But, it just can't be denied that nefarious things do happen behind the scenes in some of the lodges. I can't remember exactly where, maybe someone can enlighten me, but I've read how the higher degrees (maybe it's Scottish Rite) are deliberately supposed to deceive the lower initiates.
I was initiated into a fraternity in college. Most of the guys became masons after graduating. Many of them are lawyers, prominent businessmen, or in some sort of legal authority (one guy who was initiated with me went on to become a mason, works for the Secret Service and was the head of detail for former POTUS George HW Bush's speaking engagement at The St. Paul Companies on the morning of 9/11/2001. That is a whole long post in and of itself. He is now VP Cheney's personal detail. He got appointed because of one of our fraternity brother's father - both are masons). Our initiation took place in a masonic temple, with nothing to identify it as such on the outside of the building - at least not to the undiscerning eye. The guy who started our chapter is a mason and is the Grand Consul of the fraternity, as well as being a member of a multi-billion dollar family that owns a prominent traveling company and has a business school named after them at a major university. We were guaranteed jobs by this guy, who is also an executive vp for a computer company, once we graduated from college. Quite a few of the guys went this route.
Sometimes it's more about the networking and advancement of personal interests that motivate these people, and not the ideals of their initiation.
I removed myself from the circle because it didn't feel right. They were awfully materialistic.
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