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Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
Look Blue Angel.
I found that shit on u your site.. , a posting. i forgot where, u pissed someone off. i found it.. posted it. I would nevr say that !!!. I had no reason other than u deleting my threads. big deal !!!.. im not a vengeful person. masons piss me off. .. with there blabber...I wanted u to see it. though !!! others get pissed at u. im not the only one (was my point). Im sorry all that happened to u. I told u that.. I just started posting..
I knew nothing about u, including ur gender. U will find, im not going to find the post. i did not say that.
I am not not going down on anybodys record for being a cruel person.
Merry Christmas

I do know a lot... more than u..different CIA projects.. The Nazi CIA with Germans by the thousands on our military bases as i speak...
Again, huh?


You do not know more than me.

A very Merry Christmas to you, as well.

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