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Default Re: Aliens may look like us.

Originally Posted by Djaid View Post
I've been reading a lot of material channeled by galactics from all over the place including different dimensions and most of then (40%) of these galactics physical makeup is based on the Adam Kadmon DNA model of which we are a part. All of the spacecraft that are floating around earth, waiting and assisting our ascension between now and 2012 are almost identical to us or more like, we look like them.
Quoted from, "The Angels of Armageddon": If we evolved into modern man 200,000 years ago; what will we develop into in another million years of evolution? If everything in this Universe starts out as the same Seed of Life; what will that seed have in store for us next? Isn’t it probable that the alien races we discussed are the same seeds that we started as; who’ve developed for an additional several million, or possibly multiple billions of years; in a superiorly hospitable, more nurturing environment?
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