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Default Re: Masonitis has gone viral

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. is a fraternal organization located in the State of New York, for girls aged 11 through 21 years. For over seventy years, the Organization of Triangles, Inc., has been helping to prepare girls to build "A Finer American Womanhood". The Organization of Triangles, Inc., takes pride in its philanthropic identity. As Triangle teaches the virtues of respecting and loving mankind, charitable acts are but one of the many material embodim ents of this lesson. Triangle's main philanthropic focus is the manifestation of funds towards the aid of crippled children. However, Triangle girls spend hundreds of hours each year working in nursing homes, children's facilities, and fundraising to aid such worthy causes. They take pride in their accomplishments, and in return receive the gratification of aiding someone less fortunate than themselves.

Some charities which have been supported by Triangle include the Shriner's Childrens Hospitals, St. Jude's Fund for Children, Save the Children, Amnesty International, the Seeing-Eye Dog Fund for the Blind, as well as various nursing homes, including St. Alban's Veterans' Home, and the Franklin Nursing Home for the Elderly. Many activities for the Triangle incorporate visitations to such facilities, an example being serving a picnic lunch to theveterans on Memorial Day. Activities such as fundraising dinners and dances not only are fun for the girls and their friends, but do an invaluable service to the community.
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