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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Weishaupt wrote:
People who believe in these silly conspiracy theories are people with mental issues... people who need someone to blame for their failures in life... someone who they can point at and claim they're holding them back. ... I guess you can believe what you want and if you need a boogeyman in your life, someone you can always come to and blame when you falter and fail at your task
This sounds like fear based mind control propaganda to me. Regardless, this is a tired and old tool that I keep seeing from disinformation shills, saying "people need to blame someone else for their failures" etc, yet, I don't see honest people ever saying this. Are there any here that have said or implied something to this effect? I personally have many blessing but I don't turn a bind eye to corruption of the Luciferian control systems nor do I even come close to trying to blame someone else for my actions. What a joke that would be.

Perhaps you could clarify your statement Weishaupt- exactly which "silly conspiracy theories" must one "believe" to be labeled to have "mental issues"? Again- I need exact data points please.

Anyway, more to the point, the data that I've seen is in agreement with ManonTemplar- most Masons are good outstanding people but just like the Catholic church it seems that there are subversive elements that operate within its power structure.

My question on how the higher up Mason structure is funded is still open. I stopped giving money to the church since I can't really verify its use- if I want to help the poor I'll have no problem finding someone who needs it.
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