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Default Re: Alien mind control ?? The Urwin Machine

You say "Come and meet John and find out for yourself." Very odd phrasing.

Using the statement come and meet John, instead of go and meet John, sounds as though you are involved in the situation with John. Are you a coworker? A student? Did you help publish his book? Are you trying to draw attention to the man and his book as a means to drum up business?

I have not met him personally, and until your postings I didn't even know he existed. After watching the video's that you posted, reading several other conspiracy and martial arts forums, and drawing comparisons between his story and the story of Frank Dux I draw the conclusion that he's a huckster. Is it possible that everything he says is true and I'm wrong? Of course it's possible. Can I prove that he's fraudulent and trying to make a buck? Of course not. No more than you can prove that I'm not a time traveling cyborg on a mission to destroy Sarah Conners.

After watching the videos, reading forum posts from his associates, and exerts from his book it seems he takes the position of clandestine government operations should remain secret. If that's the case, why publish a book announcing your secret group and training? Do governments across the world do things we don't know about? I assume they probably do. That doesn't mean every story about a secret government plot or program is true.

Several of the training reports I've read about the man have these same things in common.

1.)He instructs a student to assume this specific position, move this specific way, and then he reacts. I can't help but be reminded of the "Rex Kwan Do" instructor in Napoleon Dynamite.

2.)Actions are taken at slow speed because using full speed would result in broken bones or death. This supposedly gives credence to his lethality and demeanor. Can he dislocate someone's arm or break their neck? Probably. Is he the only one that can? Probably not. This method of communicating his training ties in with my next point.

3.)Students hear about ultra dangerous weapons but he doesn't demonstrate how to use the weapon, or even what it looks like, because it could be used by the wrong people.

I could create a video on youtube and claim that the CIA secretly trained me to fly. Through rigorous otherworldy training I can defy gravity. Now I can't show you that the government trained me to fly, because it's secret. I can't show you how the government trained me to fly, it's classified of course. You've never heard of the top secret man flight program? Of course not, it's that secret, so it must be real. There's no evidence that a top secret government training program exists? That just shows you how serious they are about protecting it, nothing was ever leaked out. Except me, my videos, my book, and my training course, but they used ever means necessary to prevent other evidence from surfacing. If it wasn't real, why would they try so hard to hide it?

The absence of evidence is not in of itself evidence.

Almost all of the reports were favorable. Most of the students felt the learned something. There were many comparisons between his combat system and several other well known systems. Is it possible that he took a little bit from here and a little bit from there and created his own combat system? Of course it is, the modern army combative system is a great example of this. Is he a real tough guy capable of kicking butt? He very well could be. That doesn't mean he was part of a super secret training program.

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