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Default Re: Alien mind control ?? The Urwin Machine

Okay I'll disregard his self defense methods and claims that it's the most effective self defense system ever. What on his website do you feel supports his claims of aliens, the illuminati, advanced technology, the bilderberger/nazi coalition spaceships, and the entire secret program?

I've checked his website and watched the videos you've posted. It seems the only proof of any of this his eye witness account. You dismissed the eye witness accounts of his students as "hearsay" but accept his eye witness account without substantial supporting documents, evidence or corroborating stories?

There are a lot of things in his story that just don't pass the common sense test and are hard to believe without some proof.

He claims to have been selected for this as an 18 year old reporting for national service. His reason for being selected, as he put it, was because he didn't drink or smoke. It makes no sense that they would select someone for such an important position based on the fact that they don't smoke or drink.

He claims to have been part of an elite group of special operations solders to fight the illuminati and had involvement with UFO's, advanced technologies, etc. Now he's reaching out to find someone in the inside to get secret information. As someone who was trusted with such an important position he doesn't have any connections with people still in the government? He can remember with such vivid details the UFO's, glowing tablets, nazi/bilderberger advanced technologies, but he can't remember any of the other people he worked with? He couldn't remember their name and search them up on google, instead he had to write a book and reach out through you tube to find old friends? Doesn't make sense.

You told me to check out his website and I did. Now I'm asking you, what did I miss? What link on the website provides any information to prove that any of his stories are true?

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