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Default Are the words "Gods" and "Aliens" synonymous


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By definition: Angels and Gods were extraterrestrial

Since the beginning of recorded history, before we had a real understanding of technology; we assumed that everything we couldn’t explain was the work of Gods, Angels, and Demons. Much like the legends of sea monsters, which explained missing ships of days past; we used these basic rationalizations to explain what we didn’t know…

(What we couldn’t begin to understand)

As we developed our intelligence more things became understandable through science and reason alone. “Gods” and “Angels” became advanced entities, extraterrestrial to our world. They were described as coming here from the Heavens on chariots of fire; navigating vessels that we were not yet capable of comprehending what they were, or how they could have operated. These vessels were completely unidentifiable to us at the point in time in which they were recorded in our history. Considering our contemporary definitions…

…they were “Unidentified Flying Objects”

Are the hundreds of religions, existing throughout the globe, separated by time and space, which recorded similar “Gods” just a coincidence? Did they all share the same dreams of supernatural life forms coming down from the Heavens; or isn’t it possible that we, (primitive people) having had a limited vocabulary and understanding of the Universe, did the best that we could to explain extraterrestrial visitors here on the planet Earth? In the light of this plausible reality; what would be the species motivations for visitation? Is it improbable to surmise that these “Gods” visited us in our infancy to make sure we would survive like a mother nurturing her young? Could we possibly have evolved and survived at the same time without that helping hand?

(God was an Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

This concept may upset a lot of people, but that’s not the intention. Why the conclusion that “God” was or is an extraterrestrial life form, is sacrilegious, wrong, or something other than what it depicts, illustrates an irrational reaction. It’s simply a proper use of modern vocabulary. If you comprehend that basic conclusion, then you can appreciate the Bibles and religions for what they actually depict. If you desire to understand our true existence, the most reliable resource will be that of a physical reality. A spiritual existence is little more than a stretch of a theoretical possibility, built upon the foundation of a delusional belief structure. That’s not meant to imply the structures themselves don’t maintain a record of, although misunderstood; accurate recordings that documented actual events.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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