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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

This just proves how un-educated and gullible some people are. You're information is far from correct.

First of all: Dinosaur fossils were used in Medicines as far back as 300BC by the Chinese/Japanese. But if that doesn't satisfy you, the first, properly recorded discovery of a Dinosaur fossil was discovered by a Reverend, doesn't that destroy you're bible theory? And that was discovered almost double the time you're claiming in you're post. honestly, the ignorance from some people today is just stupid.

We don't need to be told they're dinosaur fossils by experts, we can tell from the size of them, they're dinosaurs. Only people in the 19th century were to be told what they were. From then on, people have known about Dinosaur bones and knew if they came across things like that, what they were.

They tampered with the bones? NO WAY! Tit. Of course they tampered with the bones, they need to be preserved, to last longer. Fossils tend to break pretty easily, on contact, you didn't know that?

No, it's impossible in YOU'RE basic physics. The rest of us, who actually use intellect instead of Google, know that they're able to have those types of shapes of bodies. I presume, if you never seen a bird, you're basic physics would say flying is impossible as well?

Again, stupid. We're finding LOTS of bones, fossils, bacteria, from millions of years ago. How can you, really, be so ignorant to not check this before you run you're mouth on a public forum? If you're wondering why we're not finding bones of animals around today, fossilized, that's because we know they exist. If someone finds their bones, they toss it aside, that's been discovered. None of us were here when Dinosaurs were alive, hence why their bones are more important.

Covered you're biblical stuff in my first paragraph.

How does that, in anyway prove that Dinosaurs never existed. Doesn't that show, that you're ignorant, gullible and stupid enough to believe such nonsense, which has had more proof than any other historical thing? Including religion, btw.

I'm assuming you're religious, so I find it weird, that you can gladly believe in something with NO proof, but something with thousands of pieces of evidence, you claim is false? I really, would love to know what other useless shit you think about.

Originally Posted by lastpostbelow View Post
People will believe what ever they want about evolution or creation , i believe its a flip of the coin brain thought but im a creationist believer , i believe in jesus christ and some people wrote a book called the bible about him . What book have they written about dinosaurs that impact peoples lives on a positive scale .
Wouldnt the thought of someone like jesus christ and god offering eternal life be better than dinosaurs and evolution that offers nothing , as for demons they are many , im watching the middle east very closely , especially israel for certain reasons like a treaty.
The elite obviously believe in the bible because if they didnt believe in god they would have had a peace treaty a long time ago . They dont want there to be an end , they like how things are going in the world but things are about to change for sure.
This annoys me, why exactly are you watching the Middle East? They have "Terrorists"? Well done, but remember you're religion has thousands of terrorists. Lots of different groups for you're religion though. IRA, UDA etc etc... And not to mention the hundreds of priests you're religion has in lawsuits from child abuse charges. How can you honestly say religion brings hope? Religion brings War, hate, embarrassment and submission to anyone who follows it. So in future, don't talk about a different country because they have Terrorists because there's always something worse about you're own religion.

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