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Thumbs down Re: Do you have a Facebook page etc You belong to Big Brother Period!!

I wonder which would be worse:

1. Having a corny Facebook page and offering up a very common and boring explination of your life and looking like just one of the sheep whom they feel they have under control and can just ignore.


2. Writing a parnoid piece on a conspiracy website.

I wonder which one big brother will spend more assets on to 'deal with'? ?
Was that a loaded question!
My reponse if your interested is both! Your dualistic assumption to my thread question is figment of false dualistic paradigm which you only imagine to be true!
Oh and you work in baghdad or at least use to judging by the age of this thread, so now where do you work fucking afganistan what a Toool!
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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