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Post Re: "Kill Like A Government" - Underground Hiphop - Support!

Have news for you bro or bo pop culture has never once successfully challenged the status quo in an effective way!
Its a business dark friend you know it! Look at Jay z or usher or rihannna lady gaga all have been linked to the Illuminists also many of their lyrics suggest esoteric influence!
If you dont believe anything I am saying just do a web search on COINTELPRO of which the Black Panthers become victims of in cali in the 1960s, & you will understand whats at stake here and how far the rabbit warren goes.
However if your a good entrepenuer then by all means continue as there is plenty of dosh to be made in the music biz and pop cult generally, just dont be under the illusion that your challenging the status quo though because it just AINT True bro!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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