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Exclamation Re: David Icke Debunked ( New 2.5 hour documentary)

Yes goood post too true icke and his aquarian cronies have enough caftyness to fool significant minority it seems!
However as i have also posted in the david icke .com fora until recently i would say not all that post there are on board his agenda or are even fans many simply post there because it is one of the largest conspiro fora around much like
On the bright side i would say though most of his fora mods are fairly tolerant of diverging views & dont ban posters without very good reason which is healthy sign. Alarm bells about icke should have been ringing for most in this conspiro subcult the day he started openly supporting the VENUS PROJECT & the Zeitgeist docos, however alot of tools did initially get snoookered by that shit and have never quite recovered, unbeknowns to themsleves in many cases they are walking zombies for likes of Ben Creme and the theosophical Aquarian agenda of the lucis trust!.
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