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Default Re: Good-bye to Elizabeth Edwards!

I'm working towards becoming a politician of my own country to try and make my country a better place to live in for as many people as possible.

The possibility of myself becoming corrupt along the way always worries me. I think by never forgetting how easy it is to become corrupted can help in ensuring that does not happen I have never had much of an ego thankfully.

I find being humble, polite, honest and modest in my life has taken me very far. Although not quickly.

I see all these career driven people hurrying to race to be the best, most popular, powerful or wealthiest people in the world. But they seem to make a lot of enemies along the way or they have to sacrifice something that is valuable to them to reach these goals so quickly. Usually it is their integrity and good morals that is the first things to go.

Which I find very saddening. Although some people may not have had good morals to begin with. Although morality can be very difficult to classify as each persons sense of good morality will differ to anyone else.

For example my sense of morality could be very different to yours BlueAngel even though I agree with what you have said in this post. My sense of morality could also be very similar to yours as well.

It appears a lot of what is said online is based on trust and yet I have encountered so many people online that lie and are nothing like their offline versions.

Do you BlueAngel and anyone else possibly reading this find it as frustrating as I do to have to deal with people claiming the truth and saying they are your friend online only to realize it's all lies?

I always am who I am online as I am offline but I wonder if I am a rarity on the internet. Are there many truly honest people left online? Why do people lie online? If someone has nothing to hide they should have nothing to fear, shouldn't they?
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