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Default Re: Why do Masons hang out in conspiracy forums ?

I do not need your corrupted light, I can see in the dark.
If you are a Freemason, I know who you are.
You are the enemy of society.
You will be exposed. There is no place to hide. The time is now.
You have spread enough disinfo around the World as it is, to keep us in the dark. You have failed. No more are people wanting to be in the dark.
No more will people believe the lies and deceit by those who call themselves brothers. You think you know the truth because you tore you clothes and the hit you with a club over your head, you was reborn, but into what?
Dont think for one moment that because your fellow Shriner told you so, it must be so. Dont think for one moment that the reason you all hide is because you fear the truth. The truth is, if people knew exactly what you were upto, you would be chased down the street and lynched.
You think you are wise becuase you have secrets to keep.
You are not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.
Unlike you, I do not believe my fellow human beings deserve to be fed a pack of BS.
You have been exposed, you will be exposed.
As long as Phantom Monkey is here, you will be exposed.
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