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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Good points, Max.
I, too, wonder what is meant about needing a boogeyman. There is definite ongoings that pit people, countries, institutions, and social classes against each other. I think it is rather naive to believe that it all just happens to work out this way. It just happened that John Wilkes Booth, a mason and member of the Knights of the Golden Circle (a forerunner to the current Ku Klux Klan), killed President Lincoln? That would be too bad since 30 some odd people were indicted and several hanged in connection with it. I think it's arguably coincidental that Earl Warren and Gerald Ford, both masons, oversaw much of the Warren Commission and that a junior prosecutor named Arlen Specter, a mason, and currently a U.S. Senator from Maryland, came up with the "Magic Bullet Theory." What about J. Edgar Hoover, another mason, who took care of the investigative oversight on the FBI side? In fact, Hoover was so devoted to masonry that his desk from his Director's office of the FBI - along with most other things from the room - is located in the Supreme Temple in Washington D.C. Why isn't it in the National Archives with most other things of that nature? Because of his allegiance. There is some question about whether or not to call Lyndon Johnson a mason - I believe he was only an entered apprentice. He was also a member of my college fraternity.
In the 1950's, almost 50% of the two governing houses in the U.S. were masons. That number has declined because politicians no longer put it in their bios.
But, as for things "just happening" in this world, especially things of political significance, I think another mason, former POTUS Franklin Delano Roosevelt, said it best:

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way."

I'm not saying everything is planned under the ideals of masonry, but the lodge is a great place to network. Were the above mentioned people members of the same lodge? Not likely, but you can bet that they all knew that each was part of the brethren. That's my problem with it. Yeoshua and Weishaupt are good guys and 99% of the masons are, but I know enough historical background of these guys on top to know that not everyone is like that.

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