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Default Re: Why do Masons hang out in conspiracy forums ?

Europe is becoming unstable, soon it will drop, along with it's conspirator's.
The only reason why the secret societies are hidden, is because you are weak.
Only the weak hides. You have not got the nuts big enough to venture into some places in Europe waving your masonic flag.
Why? Because you are weak. Just like the thousands of people who control the millions. What will you do and where will you hide when the millions wake up.
It's happening quicker than I thought, that's why we have the likes of people like you on these forums, disinfo agents.
How wrong am I about the york rite? lol
How do you know that im not anyone? How do you know that the freemasons have not been infiltrated?
How would you even begin to imagine that there are other secret societies using the same techniques against freemasonry?
You dont.
Enjoy your trip to the very old and wise Europe

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