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Default Re: Why do Masons hang out in conspiracy forums ?

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
The only reason why the secret societies are hidden, is because you are weak.
Only the weak hides. You have not got the nuts big enough to venture into some places in Europe waving your masonic flag.
Actually we are not a secret society nor are we hiding; our places of meeting are quite well known. We're quite open with Masonic membership. I don't plan on waving a flag, I plan on dressing in my Templar outfit and walking down the road.

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
How wrong am I about the york rite? lol
We don't serve the British or Normen's in the York Rite. You have a lot to learn about it. Do research and then come back to play with the adults.

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
How do you know that the freemasons have not been infiltrated?
I have no doubt that some nutcases have joined just so they can try to find something that's not there and/or they get out and then lie, but use their membership to boost their credibility. But when one joins with evil intentions in his heart and mercenary motive, he's a liar to the Lodge, to himself, and to God. This kind of person is a wretch and never to be believed.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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