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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Weishaupt wrote:
After reading this forum on and off for a few months, I've come to a conclusion that vast majority of people here suffer from paranoid mental disorder.
That sounds like an opinion of a subjective medical condition- thanks for the link but I'll pass, I don't buy into the "disorder" FUD, it seems to mostly be made-up garbage. I'd guess I likely be considered one of the people to be put in this classification but I don't care one bit what labels people want to put on me- it has zero effect on my life.

All these conspiracy theorists take disperate facts and events and create this elaborate, complex, scheme to try to "explain" the World around them in terms which fit their initial belief: taht somone, higher up, is controlling it all.
It is clear to anyone who has studied the matter in detail that there is a large minority of people involved in a Luciferian conspiracy who have ruled the world for a long, long, long time and they do so via deception. Someone saying there isn't doesn't change reality. I'm not saying it's a Mason thing.

Of course, in the end, none of this really matters, I don't really care so much who is a part of a conspiracy and how they might be tied in various hidden organizations and such, I just let their actions speak for themselves. From the actions of the global elite I have been able to made some strong analysis and can see that governments have basically always been controlled by evil people who are mostly interested in power, riches and war. Countless millions have died by being brainwashed that war is somehow necessary while they'd rather be at home with their family. On this planet governments have shown themselves to be a cancer that is far worse than any problem that they claim to be able to solve. It's not too hard for one to see the bars of tyranny they have in place that we can not escape. You don't need a conspiracy for any of this, it's just casual observation from a perspective of true freedom.
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