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Thumbs down Re: "Kill Like A Government" - Underground Hiphop - Support!

Can we get a translator, please?
What langauge will that be? Or is it simply the fact you cant comprehend english! I remeber who you are now, its sad to consider what how low this fora has sunk since the days of Henry Makow running the show, the place showed real potential back then, NOT so now just ask yourself the question you stupid wench why no one bothers posting here any more for a start!.
Having you as mod is a real sign this fora is has gone to the dogs. You as well just BAN me NOW because i really dont want to come back!!

Oh you need translator for that then as well,let me put it more simply GET FUCKED BLUE ANGEL!. kapeesh!

as the Illuminati. But what I don't get is, their music is nowhere near that. And, it's all pure assumption.
No i dont believe in the word illuminati its just marketing word for crazy american conspracy theorists despite my posting here i am not one of your number nor do i believe in NWO ditto, only OWC One World Corporation!! Tooo many assumptions mate!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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