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Question my curiosity...

I have recently started watching alot of Alex Jones and I totally belive that 9/11 was a total set up, I belive in a NWO (new world order), One currency and all that stuff. I belive that FEMA camps are really, REALLY off and more like prisons. I have a thought about mass genocide happening within our country, I have been thinking latly though that after the last what, year? Iv been seeing Sell Your Gold commercials and just about every check cashing place is buying gold, so if NWO, police state and one world currency is upon us wouldnt it make sense that "free" people, like me and you, or those of us who choose not to go with the change and stay cash not credit and such, or i should say "street ppl", return to the barder system and in doing so gold will be woth alot and being in such an economy fall at the moment some of us have sold our gold to the government, who in turn just melts it down crearing bricks and when all of this change happens will still remain in control, as always lol.....idk most people i chat with think im stupid for belive OUR government could ever do such a thing like police state or NWO and some actually are so conformed they seriously think 9/11 happend exacly how they showed in the media, lol perfect examples od a "brain washed society". Altho I do watch alot of Alex Jones I do have a thought that just maybe Alex Jones is sent from the government to see who follows or to even side track use from the real truth lol..I am such an open person so please send your thoughts (if you have any)

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