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Default Re: Abovetopsecret is a COINTELPRO disinfo operation

Originally Posted by Koomz View Post Cached - Similar
Here is a link. Check it out, hope it works as I'm using a ps3 (it's not very efficient for web use) I heard about ATS being a disinfo site via David Ickes website. One of my friends is a regular ATS member and Itold him that a fellow member couldn't post anything regarding things he knew about freemasonry and he was eventually banned!
Your link doesn't work.

"ATS" is not a "disinfo" site, it's a place where anyone is able to post just about anything, as long as they adhere to some very basic rules of decorum. Those who feel they were banned for telling the "truth" typically have been unable to "tell the truth" without being insolent.

What was his username?
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