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Default Re: Abovetopsecret is a COINTELPRO disinfo operation

Originally Posted by Koomz View Post Cached - Similar
Here is a link. Check it out, hope it works as I'm using a ps3 (it's not very efficient for web use) I heard about ATS being a disinfo site via David Ickes website. One of my friends is a regular ATS member and Itold him that a fellow member couldn't post anything regarding things he knew about freemasonry and he was eventually banned!
Look, pal, don't LOOK to David Icke's site for anything but disinformation.

They're all one in the same.

Pointing the finger at one another.

In-house fighting.


That's all it is.

No truth to be found.

Well, maybe tidbits, but tidbits don't amount to anything.
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