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Originally Posted by brice_fallsteen View Post
It should be fairly obviously why I'm posting on a conspiracy forum. For those that missed it, let me break it down.

Someone posted a video with the same outlandish claims that have been debunked time and time again. I responded to that video by providing explanations and answers to the "questions" the subject of the video had.

What video was provided by SOMEONE with the same outlandish claims and how were they debunked time and time again?

Kindly provide the video and the explanations that you provided regarding the questions contained within the video.

I have no idea if they knew exactly where to crash the plans to destroy the buildings. Do you have direct knowledge that the terrorists knew exactly where to impact?

No. I do not have direct knowledge about the so-called 911 terrorists.

This is what I know.

The plan was to fly aircraft into buildings that would be remote controlled from the ground and hit their targets with precision. It did not involve terrorists.

Using their history of attacks worldwide, I would say it's a logical assumption that the collapse was some what of a coincidence.

I would say that your logic is illogical.

If you feel it possible for the government to produce such an elaborate hoax, and keep it relatively hidden, why is it so hard to believe that a terrorist network could use readily available information on the internet, specialized education programs, and so called "sleeper agents" to launch such an attack?

Ah, but the government hasn't kept it hidden.

It's called the 911 truth movement.

Apparenlty, the terrorists trained at airports within our country. I suppose this is what you refer to as specialized education programs.

Asking questions is great. Dismissing answers because they don't line up with what you believe is not.
Look pal, I ask plenty of questions and I'm the last to dismiss any answers.

Take your unfounded accusations elsewhere.

The terrorist knew exactly where to strike the towers to make them crumble to pieces.

Or, could it be that they were guided missiles?

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