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Default Re: watching the wheels go around in Mystery BABYLON

NOhope ,

you can think what you like, but your comment was uncalled for. Since 1994 I've been victimized by ELF/EMF "mind control" weapons and I have had my life completly altered because of it. So I seem "paranoid" with good reason.
The writeing was meant to be an acount of my micro experiance in referance to the macro reality through the spectacles of biblical prophecy. I hope others could appreciate it where you in your own fear of it had to ridicule it to make yourself feel better in the light of it.
If you like to learn more about these weapons start here:;article=83830

After that if you like do a search on Julianne Mckinny who is an National security alumni for a paper called
Looking to wake people up in service to humanity against the new wolrd order at all cost.
I seek streanght in unity and freedom of thought in expression, not ridicule and debate.
until next time, One Heart!
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