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Default Re: Abovetopsecret is a COINTELPRO disinfo operation

Originally Posted by Koomz View Post
I came across a section that was saying something along the lines of "please avoid as there is evidence to show it may be runned by masons.
What is that evidence?

I'm the CEO of the company that owns the site, and many will corroborate that I've never even been in a Masonic hall, I'm against the religiously-steeped ritualistic organization that they are. Our other C-level executives -- and anyone else with influence over company matters -- have no Masonic connections.

Where confusion may come into play is that, in our "Secret Societies" forum, we afford Masons equal opportunity to defend their cult/organization -- as long as they do so with civility and decorum. Those who are vehemently anti-mason look at that fact (not realizing that forum represents less than 2% of all our traffic) and assume we either favor Masons, or are beholding to Masons in some way. Neither is true.
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