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Default Re: "What Is The NWO?". Brilliant Short Film. 4 Meg WMV File

I totally hear what you're saying. When I was looking for the links, etc. in that post I was thinking the exact same thing - this could be all disinformation.

I believe there is slightly more to that footage than meets the eye. As it said in the video, it was 13 months before - a symbolic number. Just how george snr. spoke about a NWO EXACTLY 10yrs before 9/11 --> Sept. 11 1991.

There was obviously a wide ranging foreknowledge of the days events, I believe this should now be regarded as FACT, not theory. The numerous blatant references to it before are simply beyond any probability and are compounded by NSA Rice saying nobody had considered planes being used in that manner.

4 days before 9/11 Australia aired ep1 of 'The Lone Gunmen', can't be bothered to rehash info on this, I wrote something about it in another thread.

The eerie government documents -->

In particular, note how the crosshair is fixed on the same side of the same tower first hit, and at almost exactly the right height.

The NWO card game with images of twin towers & Pentagon on fire, a very interesting story also accompanies that, I advise people to read about how they tried to bust the card makers.

'The Coup' album cover -->

All point to definite foreknowledge IMO in some way.

Anyway, I posted a new thread here about aerial activity at the WTC on 9/11 (which I will try and add video links, etc. to very soon), i'm starting to consider that this footage of the UFO could be a disinfo tactic in some way to detract from any discussion about what was up in the skies of New York that day.
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