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Default The Greatest Story Ever Sold

The media thrives on it. They manipluate us every single day with it. Yet, we still rely on how and why we get our news. They know we're too incredulous enough, they don't seem to care what we think. As long as they are pocketing the profits with their fallacy and lies, the money will keep flowing. And, the business is good.

For many of years, they have done nothing more than what they are doing now. And, that is ONLY reporting what "we" want to hear. But who are the "we" in this? It's not the American people who trust where they get their news. Or is it? The "we" happens to be anyone that wants to get their news right now, in real-time. And, they don't care how or where they get their sources from. Just as long as there are enough people that will watch it.

For years, they (the news media) know they are corrupted. They know they can get the people to watch their trashy news. They seriously think we're that stupid. So, they report whatever they want. Not what we need to know. And, it's all in hidden sight. Who really knows what goes "behind the scenes". But the ones who don't rely on the news, are probably the intelligent ones. Because, "we" don't need the news. "We" just use it for entertainment purposes only.

So, how well do you trust getting your news these days?

In my humbled opinion, its just basically "The Greatest Story Ever Sold". And, they are so darn good at selling it. As well, as corrupting it at the same time.

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