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Default Re: More Realistic 'Battle' Plan

Dude have you seen any other New World Order documentaries? I would NOT recommend the Obama deception to people if it's going to lead them to a disinfo agent like Alex Jones. Yes the Obama deception is a good watch but you could do better than that. There is plenty of evidence showing jones to be working FOR the powers that be rather than fighting against them.
If I were to recommend anything it'd be 'Esoteric Agenda' which documents Codex Alimentarius- the biggest threat to our survival. There are a few others I'd recommend to you like 'Jordan maxwell exposes the Illuminati'- he's been researching this stuff for over 40 years. I'd also recommend 'Kymatica' - sequel to E.A and the excellent series 'The Arrivals.'
you can see them via google videos and you can check out the arrivals via youtube. I'm not saying everything in these films are 100% true. Things have to be researched. I hope this helps ; )

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