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Default Re: The Movie

Sign me up on the project.

I've had a thought on other similar type projects- ones that would be used for de-programming of others. One possible story line I've had some rough ideas on for a de-programming piece could work as a movie. The story is based around the behind the scenes workings of a sadistic group who are the puppet masters of a CEO of a huge company who are in the process of working on a major power grab and money scam. Dealings of all kinds of corruption are going on in an escalating fashion- talk of bribes, threads, extortion, media spin, fabrication of scientific data, disinformation, vote rigging and assassination. Anything to meet the agenda. For added effect, there could be involvement with hardcore drug use, Satanism and prostitution. In the end, the efforts of the elites pay off with a major win for themselves.

The final scene however shows the elites with the CEO before he has to make a major public address (to the shareholders)- they have some laughs before the CEO leaves and as he does the camera follows him where he ends up in front of Congress making a State of the Union address- the audience then realizes that they have been mislead and that the CEO is actually the president of the USA and the corruptly controlled cooperation is actually the USA itself.

BTW- if anyone wants $$ distrusted in Houston just mail them to me! LOL
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