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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Ouch! I see I've hit a nerve. Truth hurts, doesn't it? Why are you then soliciting opinions if 'you can't handle the truth?' I was speaking from a scientific point of view and not Masonic one.

You don't believe in psychological disorders, ha? I guess psychotherapists and psychologists are tools of the "Illuminati" as well?

"Boogeyman" I was refering to was in the context of a psychological disorder, not sociological. This is also known as SCAPEGOATING. Here, let me quote a passage from Wikipedia: (emphasis mine)

Political/Sociological Scapegoating

Scapegoating is an important tool of propaganda; for example, the Jews were singled out in Nazi propaganda as the source of Germany's economic woes and political collapse .

Scapegoating is often more devastating when applied to a minority group as they are, by definition, in the minority; thus they find it difficult to defend themselves. A tactic often employed is to characterize an entire group of individuals according to the unethical or immoral conduct of a small number of individuals belonging to the group.

"Scapegoated" groups throughout history have included almost every imaginable group of people: adherents of different religion, people of different race or nation or political belief, people differing in behaviour of majority. However, scapegoating may also be applied to organizations, such as governments, corporations, or various political groups.

In industrialized societies, scapegoating of traditional minority groups is increasingly frowned upon. In the extreme, this may result in socially-enforced rules regarding speech, as in political correctness.
I always hear conspiracy people talk about "waking" other people up and "exposing" the "controllers." Has it ever come across your mind that YOU're the one who needs to be woken up?!? Maybe the fault is on your end? All of the viewpoints should be evaluated objectively.
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