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Default Re: We need to unite

Unification is a great stride in the right direction. Its happening all over the place mainly by the internet. Have you ever heard of the internet 2? Or their constant babble that the internet needs to be restricted due to "terrorism"? "They" give examples like terrorist hackers shutting down power plants and the like. Pure nonsense. But if the majority of people actually think this is a threat than thats the downfall. WE need to pressure MP's (congressmen in the states) and any local politicians who are not wolves in sheeps clothing to enact laws that would protect our safe haven a k a The internet. If you have knowledge of the silly games played by the NWO types where its problem - reaction - solution .. Once we see the problem THATS the time to act. Thats when we react into full hold the bullshit mode. Create our own solution without losing any rights or services in the process.

The only problem fighting these false society engineers is the fact that WE go to school or jobs to better our life .. They did the same and now have taken a turn for the worse, Usually making our lives more restricted.
They have little scenario's set up and played out to further tighten the tourniquet around freedoms throat.

SO if you start to see a pattern tell people, We should have a Forum for suspected NWO freedom targets.

I read eagles anti-propaganda post ... I love it .. Use their own game against them. We should put webSites on all the money bills .. start telling people that this strange group are putting secrets on money and that a new age is coming . ah ha .. yeah

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