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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

W said: I hope all these people would realize that NO ONE is controlling their lives except for themselves. YOU have full control over your life and there is NO conspiracy of Masons who are trying to rule the World or control your life. If possible, people should also seek help from mental professionals.
Also Max said:

. On this planet governments have shown themselves to be a cancer that is far worse than any problem that they claim to be able to solve. It's not too hard for one to see the bars of tyranny they have in place that we can not escape. You don't need a conspiracy for any of this, it's just casual observation from a perspective of true freedom.
Actually i agree with both viewpoints, the one that says that no one can control your life without your consent and the one that is aware of the existence of a conspiracy.

My stand is that there is indeed a conspiracy, an age old one orchestrated by Satan himself, he uses his agents (the Jinn-devils) to manipulate and control the minds, yet God says that he cannot control except the minds of those who attribute power to him that is independent of God!

Which brings us to a very important point, there also seems to be a significant effort to spread false propaganda about the 'elite', they (Satan and his followers) want us to believe that they are All powerfull, invincible, truly united lizards and that there is no escape!

That would be a good indicator for us to distinguish true from false information, if it points to an invincible, all powerfull secret society, know that it is a lie, why?

Because God teaches us that Satan's followers cannot and will not ever be able to get united on one cause, their different idols (false gods, e.g: money, power) always result in a conflict of interests which leads to war and fighting.

So in the end i do believe in a conspiracy against our freedom, but it Has no Power whatsoever, those who attribute powers to any group of harm or benefit are the ones who eventually will suffer their harm.

Let us not condemn people except if we are absolutely sure, for example there is a clear evidence that the Zionist Jews are evil, but there is no clear evidence that the Freemasons as an organization are, why then should we uphold conjecture and guesswork?

[4:76] Those who believe are fighting for the cause of GOD, while those who disbelieve are fighting for the cause of Extremes (their idols). Therefore, you shall fight the devil's allies; the devil's power is nil.
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