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Default Re: Mind/Character Of A Freemason

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I'm not the smartest guy, but I pull an A average in college. I didn't do well in High School because I saw it as a joke (American public school system is - thank you liberals) and I didn't care
So I should be delusional? Nervous or neurotic? Hmmmm...
I'm punctual and Mr. Reliable to my Platoon.
My integrity is intact
What am I to be ashamed about?
I'm very social. When I'm back in the States I'm always out and about - Masons, Kappa Sigma, college, friends, work, and so on.
I've never made a major mistake twice.
Incapacity to love? Talk to my ex about that. She may be my ex, but we're still great friends and lovers, just not dating. Her decision.
I do love a good bourbon, but never to an extreme that affected my friends, family, or work.
I'd never ever consider suicide, it would kill my mom.
I'm satisfied with my sex life...well, not in Iraq I'm not as no fraternization and there is a supply sergeant I could get friendly with.
Actually I'm following through with my plans. After the deployment I start my new life on the other side of the country and possibly the world.
I wouldn't say I need constant stimulation, but I do get bored easily
I'm financially secure (just finished paying off a brand new truck - that's nice to say). Also, I had to support a friend for a year while his now ex-wife sucked his account dry, and still pay my bills.
I'm a model citizen with a few speeding tickets.
I couldn't have had a delinquent juvenile life. My dad is a senior cop and I wouldn't have survived my teen years if I had put my toe out of line. Like I've said, the only thing on my record is a few speeding tickets.
I have long term goals that are slowly coming to fruition.

Yes, that's it. Don't fit in with your narrow views, we need to get drugged up. People need to get off the pills and live naturally. Do some need it? Sure, but Christ, not every person needs to take pills.

I think u have had to much bourbon

why u telling me all this u fool.. i could care less about u..

go suck a straw !!

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