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Default Re: Masonitis has gone viral

How Many Souls Will Our Deacons Lead to Hiram?(Freemasonry)

Most of the men who are drawn into the cult are not Southern Baptists and many do not claim to be Christians. Non-Christians who are ensnared obviously view the teachings of the cult as compatible with their conception of Christianity. They reason, if it were not compatible, why would so many Southern Baptists pastors, deacons and others be standing in agreement with the teachings of the ritual?


The cult is known by several names. Freemasonry or simply Masonry are the two most common. The buildings in which the secret rituals are conducted are know as Masonic Lodges. A few Masonic Lodges use church buildings through the week for their secret activities. The rituals are conducted in a building, or on a floor of a building, which has no windows. When the rituals are conducted, a guard, known as a tyler, is posted to keep non- Masons from getting into the lodge to see what is going on, or hear what is said.

Oh, we forgot, we leave JESUS out of our teachings !!!!
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